*Please Note: Renting the studio is NOT the same as renting a photoshoot with Cam Kirk. You must provide your own photographer for your shoot. Payments are non-refundable. A client can only book one free session per day, any other additional sessions must be booked as an additional hour or premium hour. If there is any affiliation with any client with a following free session during a 24 hour time period, the following session will be charged an additional fee.  If you need to reschedule you must notify management at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. This applies to both studio rental options. If you are booking a video shoot or need the space quiet for sound purposes, we highly recommend you book the FULL STUDIO RENTAL under the premium studio rental, so your appointment can be done without interruptions.

Free studio rental

Booking a free rental hour does not include the use of our full equipment (strobe lighting and colored backdrops) but is available to rent for a separate fee. MANAGEMENT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO RESCHEDULE OR CANCEL YOUR BOOKING AT ANY TIME IF A SCHEDULING CONFLICT ARISES.

PREMium studio rental

Booking a premium rental hour includes the use of our full equipment (strobe lighting and colored backdrops) and guarantees that your booking time slot will never be cancelled, rescheduled or delayed by management without your full consent.